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What is DiSC?

DiSC maps out preferred behavior, habits and priorities and helps to make behavior negotiable. There is no best style. All four styles have strengths and reverses in case of excessive use. All styles can be more and less effective. People are often a mix of multiple styles.


Are you aware of the impact of your behavior?

The D (Dominance) style is active and questioning. This describes people who are direct, forceful, and outspoken with their opinions.

The i (Influence) style is active and accepting. This describes people who are outgoing, enthusiastic, and lively.

The S (Steadiness) style is thoughtful and accepting. This describes people who are gentle, accommodating, and patient with others’ mistakes.

The C (Conscientiousness) style is thoughtful and questioning. This describes people who are analytical, reserved, and precise.

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Because they have the best profiles for individuals and for teams.

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Overview of the DISC Styles

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What about performance teams?

For leaders and teamcoaches there are special reports with valuable team insights.

Group culture report

Map the group culture clearly and get an overview of important priorities, needs, goals, fears, emotions and behaviors within your team culture.

Teamview report

For a leader and a coach it’s important to quickly respond to behavioral preferences. With teamview you have a clear overview of all your team members.

Comparison report.

This report maps out the preferred behavior of two individuals. Every individual receives a custom-made report in order to work optimally with the other person.

Group Culture report - Everything DiSC
teamview - Everything DiSC
Comparison report Everything DiSC

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